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Why SU?

How things work at Sexology University

Sexology University is your go-to source of top level training in the field of Clinical Sexology. Why is that?

  • You will be learning from the top echelon of global leaders from within the field of sexology at Sexology U, which brings together experts from all over the world to deliver a unique, well-rounded and comprehensive education in sexology that’s unavailable anywhere else.
  • You will have the luxury of self-directed adult learning. All study is conducted virtually (via computer or other electronic devices) in your own setting at your own pace. SU’s training program can be done in less than one year and garner you the credentials that make you the best prepared to serve the sexuality-related concerns and needs for your clinical practice.
  • You will avail yourself of our cutting-edge curriculum that is loaded with the best and most timely courses you will need to succeed in integrating sexual treatment into your clinical work.
  • You will be able to explore and engage in our dynamic curriculum that includes:
  • You will be able to study and discover with other students just like you at Sexology University, forming lasting bonds as colleagues and friends like you have never found before. Frequent updates by emails and newsletters, private social media groups, and twice monthly live community calls supplement the learning that takes place virtually online. Not only that, you’ll get first options to attend annual LIVE skills trainings in California and at the International Training Hub in Warsaw, Poland. At all of these events you will meet like-minded peers with similar values about integrating the knowledge and skills of Clinical Sexology into their varied career paths.
  • You will find that SU is NOT a clinical skills training. We are here for you as an experienced professional already trained with your own uniquely tailored clinical skills. Whether you are a therapist, doctor, MFT, psychologist, nurse, educator, or anyone else who has already been working with clients or patients this program is for you. Taking courses a la carte to add to your current clinical repertoire–or committing to the full program toward the prestige of becoming a Certified Clinical Sexologist— are going to enrich your expertise and make you a compelling sexuality expert in your community back home.
  • You will be thrilled to learn from the best! Sexology University is led by Dr. Patti Britton, renowned sexologist at the height of academic and professional mastery. As the Co-Founder of SU it is her passion to bring this high quality training to the world now. She is dedicated to Sexoloy University’s mission to serve professionals like you, who are in need of Clinical Sexology training and credentialing.
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