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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sexology, simply, is the study of what people do sexually and how they think and feel about it. Another way to look at it is this: Sexology is the study of human sexual behaviors and their impact on self, others and the environment. Sexology is an interdisciplinary, scientific study of human sexuality, including sexual interests, behaviors and functions. Sexology applies tools from several academic or scientific fields, such as biology, medicine, psychology, epidemiology, sociology, anthropology, criminology, women’s studies, sacred arts and more.
  • Topics of study may include sexual development across the lifespan, sexual orientation and gender identity (GLBTIQA), sexual relationships, sexual activity, sexual expression, paraphilias, alternative sexualities, special populations, childhood/adolescent sexuality, sexuality among the elderly or disabled persons. The scientific study of human sexuality is a relatively new field. Kinsey in the 1950s first brought it to the public’s attention and it is growing every day as a significant profession.
  • Often sexology focuses on sexual wellness and sexual pleasure rather than what is wrong, shameful or bad. A sexological approach is client-centered, depathologizing, sex positive, educationally focused, results-driven, humanistic and ethically sound.
  • A sexologist is someone who is providing effective and compassionate care for their clients– finding out who they are, their past sexual experiences, their sense of their sexual self, their sexual journey and story, their sexual challenges, and their goals for sexual expression. A sexologist offers concrete suggestions and practical strategies for helping clients to resolve their deep emotional traumas, overcome their troubling personal erotic heritage, construct their sexual intelligence, discover sexual literacy and competency, gain the skills they need for sexual pleasure and wellness, and heal past relationship wounds. Sexologists work to help their clients to reach their ultimate desires to be fully sexually alive and thriving. We call it “Sexual Self Realization”.
  • Here’s what our most successful students have in common–they are highly qualified, skilled practitioners as therapists or mental health counselors, medical professionals, educators, coaches or clinicians from any realm that has prepared them already to work directly one on one with clients. They feel a gap in readiness to talk openly about the sexuality of their clients yet know there is a missing piece to the comprehensive care they could offer. They yearn to learn how to talk about sexuality and how to design effective treatment plans to address the sexological needs of those they serve. Many are looking for a program to help them take their practice to the next level and to round out their range of professional services.
  • They are adept at self-directed learning; they are comfortable learning via virtual teaching modalities, can manage their time well to integrate the demands of intensive part-time coursework, and take seriously their own goals to inform and empower themselves to become competent Clinical Sexologists.
  • They want a virtual online training program, saving dollars and time in travel to a live classroom setting. They also want the option to “Meet with the Masters” in live events, whenever possible.
  • They want to add on the elements of Clinical Sexology to their existing clinical, educational or coaching practice; or they are yearning to open a new clinical, coaching or educational practice as a highly regarded, skilled and qualified Clinical Sexologist.
  • At Sexology U we are an open environment and celebrate diversity in all of its forms.

At Sexology U (SU) and Sex Coach U (SCU), we guarantee that whatever program you take, you will be trained to the highest professional and ethical standards in sexology. We teach a holistic and comprehensive model using cutting-edge tools and techniques, enabling you to become a skilled facilitator for your clients’ healing.

Whether you want to be a Certified Clinical Sexologist, or a Certified Sex Coach, this is our guide to help you decide which path to take.

Alternatively, you can book a complimentary Consultation Call to talk face-to-face with one of our admissions advisors, which is currently valued at $599.

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Sexology University

A Sexology University certification program prerequisite is that you come to the program with a fully defined set of clinical skills, such as patient-oriented counseling or patient educational skills in a medical care arena, therapeutic or counseling skills, or other client-centered means for addressing the needs of your patient/client care spectrum.

Ideal candidates for Sexology U are: Licensed psychotherapists, MFT’s (Marriage and Family Therapists), counselors, social workers, medical professionals, public health professionals, or members of the clergy.

SU offers a wide range of specialty courses, along with foundational sexology-focused training courses, all designed to give you a foundation for working with patients’/clients’ sexual concerns.

The certification program at SU consists of 5 core modules, 14 elective modules and a Practicum experience to result in greater comfort, knowledge and sexological clinical skills for working in a live setting.

The 4 core modules are:

  • Introduction to Sexology (Dr. Patti Britton)
  • Psychological Overview (Dr. Adam Sheck)
  • Ethical Standards in Sexology (Dr. Neil Cannon)
  • Clinical Sexology Overview (Dr. Patti Britton)
  • Sexual Intelligence (Dr. Marty Klein)

There are 14 electives that may be chosen from a plethora of specialized topics, which can be found here.

If you do not already have your own private practice or background training in clinical skills, and if you wish to incorporate coaching methods into your client work then you are the perfect candidate for Sex Coach U.

Sex Coach University

SCU takes you in depth with 12 sexology courses and 10 coaching courses, the live SAR (Sexual Attitude Reassessment and Restructuring) training, along with a Practicum Demonstration, in which you showcase your knowledge and skills in a live setting—all taught by the Pioneer of Sex Coaching, Dr. Patti Britton and based on her training manual, The Art of Sex Coaching.

The SCU program offers one specialty course as an elective from other instructors at Sexology U, all of whom are leading experts in their field.

SCU is designed to show you how to develop ongoing client assessments and write action plans for clients once you have mastered the knowledge you need to address over 46 sexual clinical concerns, while also healing your own sexual issues.

This vast base of knowledge is then integrated into the tool base of approaching your client work from a coaching-directed skills perspective.

Ideal candidates for Sex Coach U are: Counselors or Therapists who wish to gain coaching training and credentials, Sexological Bodyworkers, Tantra teachers and other sacred sexuality practitioners, Massage Therapists, Pleasure Products industry workers, Holistic Therapists, Bodyworkers, Surrogate Partners, Adult Industry Professionals, and anyone seeking a career change because they feel a calling for this profession.

Important note:

Sex Coach U trains you in Applied Coaching methods based on the work of Dr. Patti Britton, as outlined in The Art of Sex Coaching. These are the methods that you will need to design and run your own private practice. Most candidates for SCU do not have a background of clinical skills training in how to create and maintain a safe space, ask pivotal questions, conduct thorough assessments or design effective strategies for the client to resolve and overcome a variety of specific sexual challenges.

Licensure and Certification as a Sexologist

Our co-founders, Dr. Patti Britton and Dr. Robert Dunlap, created the Sexology U and Sex Coach U programs in response to the terrifying lack of knowledge, competency and training of physical/mental health care and other helping professionals who work with their clients’ sexuality. We  are dedicated to ensure that all training at SCU and SU is to the highest professional standard and showcases the latest sexological science available today.

Currently, there is no coherent global framework for licensure to be a Clinical Sexologist or Sexologist. The certifications from our programs have been used globally by our graduates as markers of advanced knowledge, skill, and professional readiness. We have students, graduates and faculty in 50 countries around the world, including Puerto Rico.

  • You are already a working professional with some proven clinical skills.
  • You are a dedicated professional who can make available a number of designated hours per week to study and complete this program on time.
  • You are willing to sign our Ethics agreement.
  • As an adult learner, you are self-directed and can manage self-paced online learning.
  • You are cyber-savvy enough to download your studies and upload your work online, attend webinars and participate in online networking activities as a part of this program.
  • You are a professional who is seeking to add on –or move into a sexuality specialist role– within your current practice.
  • Or you are longing to establish a new practice or business entity that serves the sexological needs of prospective clients.
  • The Sexology U program consists of 5 Core Courses that take about 70 hours; 14 Electives at a total of 140 hours; and a live taped Practicum Experience for about 20 hours of your time. Total time involved ranges from a minimum of 230 hours to a maximum of approximately 300 hours. Assume an average time spent of about 250+ hours for the entire Certification program if you keep a steady pace.
  • If you are working diligently and devoting time per week you may be able to finish the program in as little as 6 months.
  • Most students will need at least one year, and some will take up to two years to complete the certification program.
  • You have up to two years to complete this extensive 250+-hour training program to become a Certified Clinical Sexologist.
  • You will need to finish all coursework with instructor approval, including the demonstration of your competency skills as a Clinical Sexologist in the Practicum Experience.
  • You will need to attend SAR as an add-on live event (We offer 2-3 per year–in Los Angeles and internationally).
  • You will be expected to participate in all monthly activities, such as private Facebook group discussions, attend the bi-weekly community calls and produce results from your studies in a timely manner.
  • You will be expected to keep up with tuition if you enroll in our Payment Plan. Tuition must be paid in full for you to graduate and receive your certification.
  • With ala carte, you receive Instant Enrollment for your course; with the Certification program you must submit an application and be approved by one of our staff to enter into the program; we offer a Complimentary Consultation prior to Certification enrollment to assure that Sexolgy U is right for you.
  • Individual courses can supplement your clinical practice or increase your knowledge on a sexuality related subject; however ala carte learning is not the full experience of a well rounded training that prepares you to work with a broad spectrum of sexuality issues among your clients.
  • Ala carte may be a way to enhance your hot interest in areas that round out your knowledge base. With ala carte you do not earn an approved Certificate as a Clinical Sexologist or show your competency and expertise to serve the various sexological needs of your client base.
  • Yes, within a two year period of your starting to take ala carte courses you may apply for a discount on completed and approved ala carte coursework toward the tuition for Certification as a Clinical Sexologist.
  • Discounted rates for ala carte courses that apply toward tuition for Certification are limited up to four such courses; a standard discount applies. Ask our staff how that might work for you.
  • All Core Curriculum courses and an approved Practicum Experience must be taken and passed to earn Certification regardless of your past history of taking individual courses.
  • The Sexology U program, ala carte or with the full spectrum toward certification, meets academic standards that have been in place toward doctoral degrees within the state of California at esteemed graduate institutes for the past several years.
  • All graduates of Sexology U are automatically accepted as candidates for entry into the American College of Sexologists International, based on the standards of excellence that Sexology U stands for.
  • Our Co-Founders Dr. Patti Britton and Dr. Robert Dunlap are highly respected experts, pioneers and trendsetters as global leaders in sexology. They are noted authors, speakers, trainers, media pros and innovators whose work has changed the lives of millions around the world.
  • Just look at the quality of our esteemed faculty—The majority of Sexology U Expert Faculty have earned a PhD, DHS or M.D., if not other advanced degrees, stellar accomplishments and noted awards for their contributions to sexology.
  • Some of our Faculty are the world-recognized expert in their specialty area. Like Rick Clemons, the Coming Out Coach. Or Deborah Sundahl, the renown leader in teaching about the G-Spot and the Feminine Fountain. Or Dr. Marty Klein, world recognized innovative thinker and groundbreaking sex therapist who has changed the paradigm around healthy sexuality. Those are just a few of our amazing teachers you’ll get to meet and learn from personally!
Studying with Sexology University has tremendous rewards and wonderful benefits for busy, working professionals. Fitting in continuing education can be challenging – you’re already so busy with your caseload, the thought of traveling to a workshop or seminar is just too much.

Sexology University offers a unique blended learning approach where the majority of your study is self-paced and completed online from the comfort of your home or office. And, if you are taking individual courses with us, all of your study is done online, from wherever you are.

That’s because Sexology University offers a state of the art 24/7 online learning platform – study from anywhere, anytime, at your own pace.

Every course with Sexology U is made up of an expert video lecture, and a curriculum of 6-8 separate lessons with learning activities. We use cutting-edge adult education techniques – you will be asked to reflect and write, and to connect what you are learning to your work and your life.

Once you have completed and submitted your Study Guide for assessment, you will receive an expert, personalized review of your work, as well as feedback from Sexology University faculty. Courses are graded as Pass or Fail.

At Sexology University, we want you to gain the knowledge and skills to take your practice to the next level – to effectively work with your clients on their sexual concerns, to offer a full spectrum of care. Our courses and curriculum have been designed with this in mind – we don’t teach to a test – rather, we provide you with ample opportunity to assess yourself and your progress, and to receive valuable input from our Faculty on how to be the best clinician that you can be.

  • Once you fulfill all obligations for your certification to be complete, you will be issued a Certificate showing your credential as a Clinical Sexologist.
  • The certificate itself is delivered to you digitally for your use.
  • The Clinical Sexologist certification is issued by the World Association of Sex Coaches
  • Applications are in progress with outside organizations that recognize the value of Sexology U training and offer Continuing Education Units.
  • $397 but watch for special discounts
  • $9,997 is our initial tuition cost; as we expand and develop the curriculum at Sexology University and scope of individual courses, costs may increase. Take advantage now.
  • There is no certification with the ala carte selection and you get no credential if you only go ala carte.
  • Sexology U’s certification program also allows you access to our private Facebook page, twice monthly community calls, interaction with our global community, and direct access to our faculty advisors as starters.
  • We keep you up to date on breaking news and burgeoning trends via our community communication vehicles that only our Certification program students can be engaged in with us.
  • You get instant access to sign up for live events where you can “Meet the Masters” and much more!
  • Ala carte – Sorry, there is no payment plan for ala carte courses.
  • Certification – Yes, please set up a call  with one of our admissions team to discuss the options you have to pay your tuition over time in a manner that works for you.

We offer a full refund of your payment within 10 calendar days, if you choose to leave Sexology University, or if you are not satisfied with the quality of your training materials, and/or if you have become unable to fulfill your obligations as you have agreed, in your Enrollment Application and Memorandum of Understanding. After the initial “refund period” of 10 calendar days, we cannot offer any refunds.

The actual “refund period” occurs from the day on which you are sent your Sexology University training materials for your first course. If you are enrolling in Courses ala carte, this policy goes into effect on the day on which you are sent your Sexology U training materials as well. No students will be granted a refund of any amount after the closing of the “refund period.”

We will, however, make every attempt possible to allow you extra time, or alternative training opportunities in another Training Program at Sex Coach U (our sister organization), at our hosted Live Events, or here at Sexology University, if you request a refund after the “refund period.”

  • Good news! The Sexology U curriculum contains pivotal business enhancement courses as part of your Elective selection.
  • In addition, we offer membership in the World Association of Sex Coaches for you as a Sexology U student or graduate, a bonus that allows you access to webinars and tools to ignite your business success. New webinars are added regularly on branding, marketing, sales, networking, web presence, speaking and practice management.
  • We occasionally offer live training events in Los Angeles or at our International Training Hub in Warsaw, Poland each spring. Known as “BOSS” (Business Options for Successful Sexologists) this 3-day training along with our 5-day “ASPEX” (Advanced Sexological Personal Exploration Xperience) intensives are worth the investment to garner the knowledge, skills and confidence to go out into the world ready for great success!
  • Go out and rock the world!
  • Make a significant and lasting difference in your clients’ lives.
  • Make money so that you can take care of yourself while serving others.
  • Meet great folks and make new friends in sexology worldwide.
  • Connect with the leaders in the field.
  • Feel enriched, competent, empowered and ready to shine!

Selected courses at Sexology U earn you AASECT CEs that may be applied towards AASECT certification or re-certification. Please note: These continuing education credits apply on a case by case basis, according to a candidate’s background and whether they meet stated AASECT criteria. The remaining courses count as non-AASECT approved CEs and may be applied.

There are many other courses in sexuality throughout the United States that offer CEs. However, many of these courses are not AASECT approved, but can still be applied towards AASECT Certification on a 2:1 ratio. For example, if you attend a non-AASECT approved course that is worth 4 credits, only 2 of those can be applied towards your AASECT Certification.

For more information, consult the AASECT website: https://www.aasect.org