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300A Intro to Sexology – Dr. Patti Britton – Core Curriculum

patti-britton-aasectHave you been curious about the field of sexology and why this work so important in today’s changing world? It’s time to understand the professional field of sexology and discover your place among the specialists. Taking this required course will allow you to make a real difference in your clients’ lives, by providing a full spectrum approach to healing their sexual dilemmas, challenges and wounds.

In this course you will learn the context behind the need for capable and competent sexologists, be able to speak from a sexological perspective, and define some of the basics–from anatomy and physiology to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. Finally, you will be able to make the critical distinction about sexology vs other forms of sexually relevant coaching or therapy. Intro to Sexology is your first chance to dive into the what, how and why of clinical sexology as a springboard for your journey here at SexologyU.

Completion of this course is eligible for CEs from AASECT.


300B Psychological Overview of Sexology – Dr. Adam Sheck – Core Curriculum

Are you curious about the distinctions between psychotherapy and sexology? Do you wonder about the type of sexual concerns you will encounter with your patients or clients? This course will provide you with those answers and so much more!

In this course you will learn the foundations from psychology that can help you address your client’s concerns and when to apply them. You will be able to distinguish between sexology and psychotherapy and when each approach is most appropriate. The more you know about the foundations of psychology, the more confident you will feel when you receive a concern that falls outside of the scope of sexology and requires you to refer your clients to an outside professional.


300C Ethical Standards in Sexology – Dr. Patti Britton – Core Curriculum

What are the ethical considerations of working in the field of sexology? Do you know which codes of conduct apply to your current role and how these codes will change when you work as a clinical sexologist? Ethical Standards in Sexology will help you build confidence in the ethics of your work as a sexologist.

As a professional who is transitioning into the field of sexology, you need to understand how ethical standards have been established in the field and how these might differ from the code of ethics of your current profession. Clients will come to you with a variety of sexual concerns, so how do you establish boundaries so that you can be most effective in your role? This course will help you to understand how. Featuring guest lecturer Dr. Neil Cannon, former Chair of the AASECT Ethics Advisory Committee.

Completion of this course is eligible for CEs from AASECT.


300D Clinical Sexology Overview – Dr. Patti Britton – Core Curriculum

patti-britton-aasectAre you eager to acquire the knowledge and skills to develop yourself as a great clinical sexologist? Let’s begin with the top three clinical models for treating sexual concerns: PLISSIT, MEBES and Sensate Focus. Plus, you get to hear Dr. Patti talk candidly about her real client stories and how these effective models propelled her clients toward healing. Part One takes you deeply into the 3 top clinical models, which are structures and systems to guide your work with clients. Part Two covers the top 33 clinical issues of males, female, couples and special circumstances, enlightening you about the causal factors and the options for guiding your clients toward overcoming or resolving their sexual roadblocks.

In this course you will also learn the human sexual response cycles of males and females. Finally, you are in for a treat when you learn Insider Secrets, known as our “Dr. Patti-Isms” that are sure to lead the way for you to become a quality clinical sexologist with the best tools possible.

Completion of this course is eligible for CEs from AASECT.


300E Sexual Intelligence – Dr. Marty Klein – Core Curriculum

marty-klein-aasectWe all want to be smarter about sex, but what does that mean and where do we even start? In this course, acclaimed sex therapist Dr. Marty Klein will help you to understand how sexuality is shaped on an individual level and how that plays out in sexual relationships. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to help your clients achieve their highest sexual intelligence!

Sexual Intelligence will help you address common issues that arise, including difficulty with arousal and desire, fantasy, guilt, shame, anger and so much more. When you learn the ways in which culture and social norms shape and affect sexuality, you’ll be able to help your clients see how to reframe their issues and move beyond them. This is truly powerful!

Completion of this course is eligible for CEs from AASECT.


Foundations of Sexology

You may prefer to enroll in our customized package that allows you access to all FIVE of our Core Curriculum Courses. Foundations of Sexology will get you the basics you need to address client concerns and know where and whether to refer out.


300P Practicum – Dr. Patti Britton – Core Curriculum

Want to showcase your competency? The Practicum Experience is your live taped session series with “real life” clients on your own. The Practicum Experience is one of your serious turning points in developing your confidence, comfort, and readiness to call yourself a true Sexologist. Once you pass this pinnacle, you will be ready to tackle a variety of sexual issues with any client.


301 Baby Boomers, Sexuality, & Aging – Kat Forsythe, MSW – Elective

Are you struggling with your aging clients and their sexual concerns? Getting older can be difficult and is not always a smooth transition into the Golden Years for your clients, is it? With Baby Boomers, Sexuality, & Aging, you’ll learn how to address these concerns – your clients’ insecurities, medical matters, dating concerns, communication roadblocks, and the performance issues that plague Boomers and beyond.

You will attain specific techniques for coping with the challenges and hurdles of the aging process, in order to competently reach for the joy earned by a lifetime of experiences. Ultimately, you will be able to assist in (re)igniting your clients’ sensual passion, thereby enriching their lives in all aspects of their being.


302 Mindful Sex – Dr. Jennifer Gunsaullus – Elective

There is a lot of buzz around the term mindfulness, but what does it even mean? Mindful Sex will teach you how to be truly aware in the moment, without judgement.

This course presents mindfulness in a user-friendly manner and teaches the foundations of mindfulness, common misconceptions, the science behind how it works, the latest research on sex and health benefits, client examples, and tools for immediate application.
With both formal and informal mindfulness practices to choose from, your clients will be able to apply this approach in a way that feels right for them.


303 Ecosexology – Dr. Amy Marsh – Elective

What happens when you combine the principles of environmental health activism and sexology? A course called Ecosexology! This course will allow you to address the concerns of clients who are either living with an environmental illness that affects their sexual functioning or are searching for a greener, healthier way to experience sex.

Ecosexology is a way to look at sexual functioning through an environmental lens in order to examine the potential environmental causes of sexual disorder. With Ecosexology, you will learn how to assess and address these concerns with your clients.


304 Child & Adolescent Sexuality – Dr. Lanae St. John – Elective

Do you have clients who need to know how to have the “birds and the bees” talk with their kids? Could you use a refresher on early childhood sexual development yourself? Then Child & Adolescent Sexuality is the course for you!

Early sexuality is more than just puberty. There is so much to learn about how our bodies develop and differentiate themselves, even in utero! Most adolescent sexuality education focuses on reproduction, but what about all of the other aspects of becoming a fully-formed sexual person? You want to know about that too, right?


305 G-spot & Female Ejaculation – Deborah Sundahl – Elective

This course is full of exciting information about the G-Spot. What is it? How can you access it? Is female ejaculation real? If you have ever wanted to fully understand this amazing and often heavily debated female sexual experience, then this is the course for you.

By learning how the G-Spot is stimulated and how to encourage female ejaculation, you will be able to advise your clients and patients about this highly pleasurable experience. The information in this course can be applied to women who want to learn more about how to experience satisfying orgasms and couples who want to expand their sexual repertoire.


307 Women’s Sexual Health – Dr. Debra Wickman – Elective

Historically, women’s sexual health has been understudied and the repercussions of that can be felt in the exam room as well as in the bedroom. As technology advances, there are more and more tools available to physicians to explore their female clients’ sexual health care. Now is the time to discover what those advances are and how to encourage your clients to know themselves inside and out. Learn from a pioneering gynecologist who is leading the way to better diagnoses and treatments.

The most common sexual concerns for women are often tied to issues with sexual functioning. What often goes overlooked in traditional diagnosis of these issues is the fact that women are not encouraged to explore their own genitalia, like men are, and therefore often lack the knowledge they need to understand their own functioning. As you incorporate sexology into your practice, you will need to know how to be an advocate for your female clients’ self-exploration and sexual health care.


308 Ancient & Modern Sexual Healing – Francesca Gentille – Elective

What is sexual healing? How did it originate and why? In order to guide your clients toward sexual wellness, it’s important to know the different modalities of sexual healing that have existed all over the world.

You may have heard about or even studied tantra, but do you know about other forms of sacred sex that have been practiced throughout the world? The insights you will gain from a broader awareness of sexual healing might surprise you, and this awareness can help deepen your client’s healing as a result.


310 Sex Toys in Today’s Market – Alicia Sinclair – Elective

What exactly are “pleasure products”? How are pleasure products made and what are they made of? What does it mean to be “body safe”? If you’ve ever wondered about any of these things, then you need to enroll in Sex Toys in Today’s Market now!

In Sex Toys in Today’s Market you’ll learn about current trends in the pleasure product industry, as well as what makes a high quality toy and how to spot one. You will learn about phthalates, the various materials used in sex toys, and the advantages of different shapes and power sources. What toys are best to recommend to same sex couples? You’ll learn the answer and so much more.


311 Somatic Arts – Dr. Susan Kaye – Elective

Do you have clients who just can’t get un-stuck from patterns or thoughts that keep them from experiencing true pleasure? The missing piece might be helping them experience pleasure within their physical self, resulting in feeling their true sexual potential.

This course offers training for you to combine your current (“neck up”) skills with somatic or embodiment practitioner (“neck down”) tools and techniques. These teachings will give you expanded ways to help your clients gain healthy body/mind integration.


314 Simple Sexy Food™ – Dr. Linda De Villers – Elective

Have you ever wondered about the power of aphrodisiacs? There are many foods that can help deepen sexual experiences and connection. Learn about what these foods are and which ones to recommend to your clients!

Simple Sexy Food™ is a course designed to help you understand the foods that can enhance sexual well-being. You can learn about what these foods are and which ones to recommend to your clients. Plus, you get to test them out in your own kitchen first!


315 The Coming Out Process – Rick Clemons – Elective

Many people will experience a time in their life when they have to emerge as their true sexual self. This can be a very difficult task. So what is the coming out process and how can you help your clients step out of the shadows?

In this course you will learn the seven energetic stages of coming out. You will be given the tools for empowering your clients through each of these stages, as well as the knowledge of what your clients will be faced with outside of your sessions with them. This course will help you be the best support possible for your clients during their coming out process.


316 Polyamory – Melissa Fritchle – Elective

We live in a time when relationships can be experienced based on the needs and wants of the individual partners involved. There is no one-size-fits-all anymore. That means that more and more people are looking beyond monogamy towards polyamory and nonmonogamous relationships. How can you help your clients navigate polyamorous relationships?

Polyamory will prepare you to work with clients who are exploring or already engaged in non-monogamous relationship agreements. Through this course you will learn the basics of different styles and approaches to polyamory and nonmonogamy, how to help clients establish effective and honest agreements, how to talk about jealousy and safer sex options, and you will become familiar with important concepts and terms used in poly communities.


317 Intimate Hypnosis – Dr. Amy Marsh – Elective

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can be used for deep, meaningful personal insight and growth. Everyone holds the ability to tap into their true nature and desires within. Don’t you want the skills to use hypnosis so that your clients can explore and learn from their wise inner voices?

Hypnosis can help you address your clients’ non-medical sexual dysfunction concerns as well as support their sexual health, pleasure, and growth. Sexological hypnotism produces a state of “entrancement” and is a natural way to amplify feelings of love and sensations of sexual excitement.


318 Designer Relationships – Mark A. Michaels & Patricia Johnson – Elective

What does it mean to design a relationship? True relationship freedom means having the ability and the tools to choose partners that align with how you really want to be in a relationship. But how do you do that?

In Designer Relationships, you will examine what the benefits are for monogamy and consensual non-monogamy and how to explore these benefits with your clients. You will also get a more nuanced understanding of what it takes to create an intentional relationship.


320 Sacred Sexuality for Couples – Dr. Linda Savage – Elective

Are you curious about ancient traditions of sacred and spiritual sex but you never knew where to start learning? This course will allow you to explore the esoteric while gaining practical ways of understanding and teaching Sacred Sexuality to your clients.

This course will teach you techniques to lead clients into expanding their erotic life beyond the prevailing Performance Model. The alternative, the Pleasure Model of sexuality, blends the best of Western and Eastern knowledge to shift couples away from what limits them. The coursework will allow you to deconstruct the esoteric concepts of Sacred Sexuality into simple terms and common language that makes the model easy to teach clients. It also includes right brain techniques such as guided imagery, dream work, sensual archetypes, storytelling, movement, and meditation.


321 Intro to Tantra – Dr. Sally Valentine – Elective

What is Tantra? Many people are becoming interested in Tantric practices, but are they getting the full picture? What is the history of Tantra and how can it be used today?

Intro to Tantra will help you understand more about what Tantra is, what Tantra isn’t, and how you can utilize Tantra practices in your work with clients. The course demonstrates several Tantric techniques which assist with connecting more deeply. Once you have an understanding of the basic principles of Tantra, you’ll be armed with the tools to help your clients be more connected and more sexually fulfilled.

Completion of this course is eligible for CEs from AASECT.


322 Understanding the Psychology of Kink – Galen Fous – Elective

What’s behind kink and fetish behavior? What does it mean to be kink-aware and kink-positive? If you’ve ever wanted to work with and support kink-oriented individuals, this course is for you.

Your kink-oriented clients need to know that you understand how to help them become their most authentic sexual selves. Don’t you want the skills, tools and the confidence to allow them to dive deeply into what they truly want and live authentically?

No other course will give you a better understanding of the psyche of kink-oriented individuals. What you will learn in Understanding the Psychology of Kink will transform your practice.


324 The Business of Abundance – Jennifer Bair – Elective

When you think about your business, does the word “abundant” seem like a far-off dream? Well, the truth is that an abundant business doesn’t have to be in your distant future. You can take steps today to grow your business in really powerful ways!

The Business of Abundance will give you a working knowledge of marketing concepts, branding, & promotion. You’ll learn how to bring your service and products to the marketplace from idea to packaging and become proficient in the language of marketing.


325 Media Training – Lou Paget – Elective

How do you present yourself as a sexologist in the media? What are the best ways to package your new skill set and how can you find opportunities to share your expertise using various media channels? Media Training will help you answer those questions as so much more!

Never before has it been more important that we as sexologists know how to work with and in the media. There is no one who promotes your talents to media better than you. This course will guide you how to do just that with your own personal spin, flair and style! Whether it is a television network show, HuffPost Live interview, iTunes podcasts or your local radio program, this course will help you deliver the best of you and show you how to showcase your unique sexuality message throughout myriad media outlets.