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Certified Clinical Sexologist Program

5 Core Courses – 14 Electives – 1 Practicum

People are suffering in sexual shame, pain and denial of their fulfilment everywhere, without the help they deserve and so desperately need. Don’t you want to get the knowledge and skills to serve them?

Here’s what you will get in the Clinical Sexology Certification Program:

  • 5 Core Courses:
    • 300A Intro to Sexology
    • 300B Psychological Overview of Sexology
    • 300C Ethical Standards in Sexology
    • 300D Clinical Sexology Overview
    • 300E Sexual Intelligence
  • 14 Electives from Our Curriculum
    • Select any 14 elective courses from our Courses Page
  • 1 Practicum Experience

Is this you?

Do you know what to say to help your clients or patients fix their sexual problems? Probably not, or you wouldn’t be here.

We know, you’ve come so far but you have hit a roadblock. Not feeling ready or confident to open Pandora’s box –to speak openly with your patients or clients about the most intimate part of their life– their sexuality? It’s not uncommon to feel that way.

Here’s the truth~

In medical schools a limit of 3-10 hours of training in sexuality may occur, IF AT ALL. And, in most quality therapist or counselor training programs, licensing boards only require TEN, yes TEN, hours of human sexuality as part of a graduate school program.

That’s all that’s needed for therapists to work with actual men, women or couples about their most intimate issues.

Now, get this!

Most of their education focuses on the bad news about dysfunction, disease or other forms of pathology. But it’s never about how to speak authentically about sexual behaviors — like how to have an orgasm or find your libido or keep a lasting erection or find sacred connection through sex.

To serve the real-life needs of your clients or patients takes comfort, knowledge and actual skills, ones that you won’t find in grad school or on the medical campus.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to discuss your client’s most poignant and challenging sexual problems and know what to say when they ask for help?

Of course, you would!

Why Sexology U?

The individual courses at Sexology U are powerful education, and you can test drive any of them a la carte. But, let’s be honest. Without the whole 250+ hour, Sexology University Clinical Sexology Certification Program that has been tailored and custom designed with your needs in mind, you’re just dipping your toes in the wading areas of the pool.

The truth is you are NOT going to learn how to swim. Not even if your life depends on it. Nope. You need training and mentoring. You need to be taught, guided and shown by the best in the sexuality field—which we call sexology– so that you can work effectively with your clients to resolve their crushing issues, dilemmas and conflicts with sexuality.

You deserve to be armed with the knowledge, comfort and skills to help them reach their full sexual potential.

We are not saying it’s easy. But it is easy to find the path to that goal by signing up for our Clinical Sexology Certification Program here at Sexology University.

We mean it!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A premium professional training program that takes from 6 months to 2 years to complete on your own. You can accelerate your learning or take it at a slower pace, according to your ability and needs.
  • Massive support from our staff and faculty. Our team is always ready to meet you where you are at and to serve YOUR needs, so that you can thrive.
  • A chance to meet real peers around the world. Yes, you get support from and the opportunity to network with people who are like you, eager to work in sexology and make a real difference in the lives of their clients or patients.
  • A community that’s ready to receive you as one of their own. Our amazing online community is already established in 48 countries and we are growing fast every day.
  • Top notch instruction by our world class expert faculty, beautiful easy-to-follow instructional materials. Plus, no one can imagine the level of sheer dedication that our esteemed expert faculty possess to serve you as one of their own community of empowered students.
    Personal access to your instructors (a rare gift in these busy times).
  • A realistic achievable goal to integrate the learning and skill set you are going to obtain here in the Clinical Sexology Certification Program at Sexology University, and even the traction to start a new practice or other kind of business to apply this golden knowledge where you live, work and make your impact.

What’s the Sexology U Certification Curriculum?

It’s simple but comprehensive. For example, you get to study in THREE magnificent ways:


5 Core courses from the top echelon of sexology today:

Dr. Patti Britton– our co-founder, is a sought-after pioneer, whose keen and unconventional approach to sexual wellness has made her a go-to name in the world as a sexologist with a message. With over 40 years of expertise in sexology, she presents you with two major courses: Introduction to Sexology and Clinical Sexology Overview .

These two foundational courses cover the Sexological approach, how it works, primary clinical models, male/female sexual anatomy, the cycle of human sexual response, and what you need to know to address the top sexual concerns of males, females and couples. She brings you the inside knowledge to become skillful at working with clients around their issues related to sex/uality with minimal effort.

Dr. Marty Klein—one of the most well-known sex therapists (with over 35,000 client hours!) shares his unique world views on normalizing sexuality using his unique approach based on his landmark book, Sexual Intelligence.

Not only that, he introduces you to one of the most troubling issues today, with a workable understanding of ubiquitous porn and what to do about it. He teaches you how to enable your clients to be sexually happy and will leave you feeling a sense of relief about your own sexuality in the process.

Dr. Adam Sheck—a highly respected therapist, couples’ counselor, academic and supervisor of MFTs presents his course Psychological Overview of Sexology.He takes you into the world of psychology as it looks at sexuality from the lens of mental health care, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5), and helps to protect you from harm by recognizing transference in the clinical setting.

Dr. Neil Cannon—a noted sex therapist, supervisor and AASECT Ethics expert. He shares his insider viewpoints about how to uphold the ethical standards of care, as your move into the realm of clinical sexology, with case examples to bring it home for you.


14 Elective Courses to round out your curriculum, selected by you

Hang on, as if that isn’t enough, you then get to pick 14 courses from among 20+ elective courses from some of the most respected and trusted world-class leaders in sexology, coaching and business. Yes, business! We believe that you need to know a wide range of topics within the broad field of sexology first, then supplement that learning with additional coursework on business, so that your business will thrive—whether you work at a hospital, a mental health clinic or for yourself.

Sexology U Electives include courses from our expert faculty, many with PhDs and MDs, well-known experts in their specialties.

Examples include:

  • Baby Boomers, Sexuality, and Aging;
  • The Business of Abundance;
  • The Coming Out Process;
  • Designer Relationships;
  • BDSM, Kink and Fetish Play;
  • Mindful Sex;
  • Transgender Studies;
  • Ancient & Modern Sexual Healing;
  • Somatic Arts;
  • Sex Toys in Today’s Market;
  • Child & Adolescent Sexuality;
  • Basic Methods in Sex Therapy;
  • Love & Sex “Addiction”;

With many more courses besides – check out all available electives (and those COMING SOON) at our Courses page!


Live Practicum Experience

Yes, there’s more!

Finally, you will become competent and demonstrate your ability to work with clients by showcasing your learning in a live recorded Practicum Experience. This is a hallmark of the Sexology University Clinical Sexology Certification Program. By finding the core of your genius to do this work, you will share it out loud, be reviewed by our Curriculum Team, and move you on your way to successful work as a Clinical Sexologist wherever you go.

We want you to thrive with knowledge, comfort, skills, and confidence, along with a passion to find your stride as a Clinical Sexologist.

We know you can do it! You got it! Thriving is our goal for you at Sexology U.



Why Now?

Let’s be real.

People are suffering in sexual shame, pain and denial of their fulfillment everywhere, without the help they deserve and so desperately need. Don’t you want to get the knowledge and skills to serve them?

So, why wait another minute?

If this is for you, apply today. Once your application is received, one of our staff will determine if you meet our eligibility criteria.

If you still have questions, you can book a Complimentary Admissions Consultation and speak LIVE with one of our admissions team.

Our staff are ready to answer all your questions, usually within hours of contact, by appointment, 7 days a week.

Don’t wait another day. Join Sexology U now!


You need the skills and knowledge to work with clients and patients who present you with sexual concerns. This is an area of study for which many practitioners receive little to no formal training.

Now is the time to get certified as a Clinical Sexologist with Sexology U so that you can face these client challenges head-on!

Training through Sexology U will give you exclusive access to leading names in the field of sexology. You will learn from the best so you can be the best!

You will also become part of a growing and vibrant community of practitioners and sexologists throughout the world who feel as passionately as you do about helping people have better, more fulfilling sex lives. You will see just how important this work is as you get to know other like-minded people in the field.

Finally, you will have all of the necessary skills to tackle those tough questions about sexuality you never knew how to address before. What could be better than that?

Enrolling in Sexology U’s Clinical Sexology Certification Program brings you to heights you never imagined. You are about to soar and find your new passion with the comfort, knowledge and skills to let you thrive! Here’s everything you’ll get:


  • Instant access to the courses in the program – you can start TODAY
  • State of the art 24/7 online learning platform – study from anywhere, anytime
  • Video lectures from our expert faculty—renowned sexological, health and relationship experts, authors and educators
  • 250+ hours of focused learning, implementing cutting-edge adult education techniques
  • Expert, personalized review of your work & feedback from Sexology University faculty


  • 2 Community Calls each month
  • Access to our Sexology U private Facebook group
  • First in line for “Meet the Masters” live events at discounted rates
  • Access to the finest experts in sexology in the world
  • Membership in the World Association of Sex Coaches including listing in the online International Directory upon graduation


$9,997 for the full certification program and all bonuses


Common Questions

What about credentials – will they count?

Yes, the World Association of Sex Coaches (WASC) automatically issues your certification upon successful completion of the Clinical Sexology Certification Program. WASC also offers you fast track membership of the Association with numerous member benefits, including a listing in the Association’s online International Directory.

Participation in the WASC community ensures further professional education in business (marketing, branding, writing skills, practice building and management strategies). WASC also provides you with a network of supportive colleagues with whom to connect, collaborate and thrive.

You may access the Sexology U private Facebook group and receive news updates in perpetuity, allowing you to stay current with breaking trends in sexology and new resources to keep you informed. You also can attend all community calls, to keep you in the swimmers’ end of the pool. (You do remember, the pool analogy, right?)

When you graduate from the Clinical Sexology Certification Program you earn instant eligibility for membership and certification from the American College of Sexologists International. This prestigious credential will allow you access to present at their annual conferences, while networking with like minded peers.

Why so much money?

As a professional, if you compare the cost of a Master’s Degree for similar education (if you can even find it), the Clinical Sexology Certification Program will save you almost 2/3 of what you would pay for those academic obligations.

With the knowledge and skills you will gain in the Clinical Sexology Certification Program, you will be able to increase client/patient caseloads, expand your delivery of services, and find new opportunities for accelerated business, garnering you more income than before.

Why can’t I just take the courses?

There is no certification with the a la carte selection and you get no credential if you only go a la carte. Sexology U’s Clinical Sexology Certification Program also allows you access to our private Facebook page, twice monthly community calls, interaction with our global community, and direct access to our faculty advisors.

We keep you up to date on breaking news and burgeoning trends via our community communication vehicles that only our Certification program students can be engaged in with us.

Within a two year period of your starting to take individual courses, you may apply for course credit transfer, as well as a discount on completed and approved coursework toward the tuition for Certification as a Clinical Sexologist.

Course credit transfer and discounted rates for individual courses that apply toward tuition for Certification are limited up to four such courses.

Payment Plans

At Sexology U, there are 3 ways to pay:

  • Payment in Full – $9,997

  • Payment Plan – 4 monthly payments of $2,625

  • PayPal BillMeLater – If you qualify, PayPal BillMeLater offers 6 months 0% interest financing.

Our Admissions Team will assist you in setting up the option that works best for you. Simply indicate on the application form your preference.

Don’t wait another day! Take the plunge – become part of Sexology U now!