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Why SU?

Our Story.

We are Dr. Patti and Dr. Robert. Here is our story.

We began with our own careers in sexology and were humming along when, BOOM!, something happened… Wait, we’ll tell you all about that in a few minutes.

Our careers in sexology have spanned over 46 years combined, both armed with PhDs in Human Sexuality. My (Patti’s) training manual about sex coaching had just come out in 2005. A couple of years later we joined the faculty of one of the most prestigious humanistic psychology grad schools (California Graduate Institute, which is now The Chicago School of Professional Psychology) –which led to becoming faculty at several other graduate institutions.

We were subtly being exposed to what therapists in training were saying about their lack of education in sexuality before our courses or mentorship were available. We were listening to what our clients were saying about their own medical professionals (urologists, family doctors and gynecologists) not being able to talk to them about their real sexual issues; or that their own therapists used the “donut hole” approach and never uttered a word about S-E-X in their couples’ counseling or individual therapy. Very few had the knowledge or skills, or even the courage, to speak the word “sex” in the clinical setting.

This scared the you-know-what out of us. ‘What? Only a handful of sexology specialists are competent enough to even initiate dialogue about sex, much less have that golden key to help them?’

Here’s the truth: So few professionals know what to say and what to suggest for their clients when it comes to sex.

This set us on fire. A lightbulb went off.

We looked at each other, (yup we’re a real-life couple, too) and agreed in unison “We have to do something to train competent professionals to address the sexuality related concerns we are seeing in droves among people everywhere.”

So, after 6 years of training sex coaches around the world (now in 48 countries) and leading over 80 live events in sexology worldwide through our mission at Sex Coach University, we decided: It’s time.

That’s why you are here.

It is our mission to provide you with the top-notch training and credentials for you to serve the broad range of Sexological clinical concerns that may show up within your professional work.

Our dream is to train and certify thousands of professionals from the fields of medical care, mental health, social work, coaches, educators and others with the talent to have free and open conversations with their existing clients to address the essence of the self: sexuality.

Without that, the “donut hole” approach is alive and well in clinical settings… doctors’ offices, therapy rooms, coaching calls or wherever help is offered to human beings who suffer sexually with their needs not being met.

To us, addressing the sexuality of an individual or couple is some of the highest calling we can answer.

We want to enable you to be able to recognize and soothe the wounds of a lost sex life, a sexless marriage, a woman faking orgasm, or a male whose erection failures make him doubt the essence of his masculinity, along with the deepest questioning among our GLBTQIAS clients.

Here’s our spin: To ignore or avoid the sexual part of the self is a tragedy.

Yet, we see a crisis of conscience happening now: Our research has shown a dearth of training in medical schools (3-10 hours tops) and in training of mental health care specialists, even those who are couples’ counselors of therapists, who take only a 10-hour course at best before they can become licensed to work with real live clients in all their human dimensions, including their sexuality.

We are there to change that. We are here to address the crying need.

We travel the world and see increasingly the universal suffering of that people in the silence of their bedrooms or in the isolation of their electronic worlds.

We founded Sexology University to be a first. The first place of its kind, where you can benefit from our leadership. We have taken the time to develop a tailored program, with some of the top names in the field of sexology to get you the education and training you deserve. We want you to find your peer community and join us in changing the world by bringing about sexual wellness, health and pleasure at the forefront of the very core work you can offer.

Ready? We hope so! It’s going to be an amazing journey, we promise.

About Us.

We are both academics, authors, speakers, leaders, clinicians, popular presenters at sexology conferences, trainers and mentors. Dr. Patti’s been on many media outlets and Dr. Robert is very humble—making over 50 movies and all of the video courses at Sexology U just for you, and (shhh) he’s been a film, television and commercials star! Dr. Patti’s been at the top of her game in sexology for over 40 years…as an AASECT-Certified Sexuality Educator & Supervisor, (she even won AASECT’s Sex Educator of the Year for 2016!) with a following of thousands all around the world. They both serve on the Advisory Board of The American College of Sexologists International, support the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance, and give generously of their time when they are needed.

Together, Dr. Patti and Dr. Robert have led 43 SAR programs over the past nine years in seven different countries to over 900 people. Their expertise as sexology leaders in the global marketplace positioned them perfectly to write their latest book, Designing and Leading a Successful SAR for the esteemed Routledge/Taylor-Francis publisher, due out n 2017. Dr. Patti and Dr. Robert host a popular weekly radio show, archived at: TheBoomDoctors.com (and as podcasts on iTunes) with a focus on all aspects of boomer life.

(First, as Dr. Robert would say, Dr. Patti also is quite humble, traits that we share).

Dr. Patti Britton.

Britton is a nationally board-certified Clinical Sexologist and world renown pioneer of the profession of Sex Coaching. She’s the author of hundreds of articles, book chapters, editorial roles in anthologies, four major books in sexology, and a former columnist for Penthouse Forum and iVillage. Dr. Patti hosts 40+ DVDs about sexuality. Her media record speaks for itself—appearances on over 200 television shows, as the featured guest on over 200 interviews for live talk and news radio, with over 200 quotes in pop magazines, including frequent requests for her wisdom in Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Glamour, Men’s Fitness, WebMD, AOL Health, and more.

Dr. Patti is in the very top leadership and is a well-respected pioneer in the field of sexology, with a Ph.D. and Masters in Public Health, both in Human Sexuality. Dr. Patti is a Certified Sex Coach/Sex Expert. She has stellar credentials including: Past-President of the American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT); Clinical Fellow, American Academy of Clinical Sexologists; Diplomate, American Board of Sexology; AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator/Supervisor; Lifetime Member and Advisory Board of the American College of Sexologists International; Member of the Society for Scientific Study of Sexuality; National Advisory Board Member of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance; Academic Dean/Associate Professor of Sexology, for the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality; and Adjunct Faculty at The Chicago School (TCS) of Professional Psychology in Southern California. In her capacity as professor she has also chaired approximately 30 doctoral dissertations and serves as the expert chair/reader for many more at IASHS, TCS, Saybrook and Pacifica Graduate Institutes. She and Dr. Robert recently joined the faculty at California Institute for Integral Studies. She has a private practice in Los Angeles and leads couples’ workshops and professional trainings worldwide. Dr. Patti is the Co-Founder of SexCoachU, the world’s premier credentialing and training institute on sex coaching.

Each year Dr. Patti conducts 5-10 professional trainings, speaks at major consumer events, participates in 30+ national magazine/news interviews, speaks on over 10 major Internet radio shows, and appears on-camera for television, documentaries, webcasts and instructional DVD programs for couples’ sexual enhancement. Dr. Patti believes that women and men have a divine birthright to experience their sexual power, eroticism and ultimate pleasure.

Dr. Robert Dunlap.

Dr. Robert Dunlap is a seasoned media expert, with appearances in over 400 commercials, and in print, film and television. His directorial career spans over 50 films including an Emmy Citation and Directors’ Fortnight Award at Cannes for his ground-breaking film “Anton”. He is the award-winning documentary filmmaker of “Beyond Vanilla” and “Xaviera Hollander: The Happy Hooker, Portrait of a Sexual Revolutionary.”

Dr. Robert brings years of media expertise, training acumen and a keen knowledge of sexology as a sexuality educator. He is also a clinical sexologist, with specialization in BDSM/kink and fetish populations along with expertise in aphrodisiacs. Dr. Dunlap has earned the credential as an AASECT-Certified Sexuality Educator. As the Co-Founder, Administrator and Media Director for Sex Coach U and now Sexology U, he administers all programs, oversees all media development, and assists in the professional training of students and outside professionals. He is also the co-founder of Sexology University, and a founding member of the World Association of Sex Coaches. Learn more at Dr. Robert’s website.

Why SU?

How things work at Sexology University

Sexology University is your go-to source of top level training in the field of Clinical Sexology. Why is that?

  • You will be learning from the top echelon of global leaders from within the field of sexology at Sexology U,which brings together experts from all over the world to deliver a unique, well-rounded and comprehensive education in sexology that’s unavailable anywhere else.
  • You will have the luxury of self-directed adult learning. All study is conducted virtually (via computer or other electronic devices) in your own setting at your own pace. SU’s training program can be done in less than one year and garner you the credentials that make you the best prepared to serve the sexuality-related concerns and needs for your clinical practice.
  • You will avail yourself of our cutting-edge curriculum that is loaded with the best and most timely courses you will need to succeed in integrating sexual treatment into your clinical work.
  • You will be able to explore and engage in our dynamic curriculum that includes:
    • You will enroll in the 5 Core Courses: Ethical Standards with Dr. Neil Cannon; Sexual Intelligence with Dr. Marty Klein; Psychological Overview of Sexuality with Dr. Adam Sheck; Introduction to Sexology and Clinical Sexology Overview by SU Co- Founder Dr. Patti Britton
    • You can select from among 14+ unique and fascinating topic-driven electives, such as Sacred Sexual Practices, Women’s Sexual Health, Coming Out, Enhancing Desire and Erotic Connection, Transgender, BDSM, Polyamory, Mindfulness, Baby Boomers, Ecosexology, Intimate Hypnosis, G-Spot and Female Ejaculation, Childhood Sexuality, Introduction to Tantra, Basic Methods in Sex Therapy, Designer Relationships.
    • You will interact with some of the leading names in sexology who are among our faculty–as best selling authors, seasoned practitioners, sought after speakers on the world stage, innovators and groundbreakers in sexology, and much more.
    • You can enroll in the popular elective course The Business of Abundance as part of our emerging Business Academy–to boost your business acumen and skills in helping you produce successful outcomes in all of your clinical endeavors.
    • You will be able to showcase your clinical expertise in a live taped Practicum Experience to demonstrate your competency and to boost your self-confidence.
    • You will gain first access and a discount code to sign up for the SAR program offered twice yearly as a required add-on live event that is designed to expand your attitudes, values and beliefs about sexuality and sexual expression.
  • You will be able to study and discover with other students just like you at Sexology University, forming lasting bonds as colleagues and friends like you have never found before. Frequent updates by emails and newsletters, private social media groups, and bi-weekly live community calls supplement the learning that takes place virtually online. Not only that, you’ll get first options to attend our annual LIVE skills trainings in California and at our International Training Hub in Warsaw, Poland. At all of these events you will meet like-minded peers with similar values about integrating the knowledge and skills of Clinical Sexology into their varied career paths.
  • You will find that SU is NOT a clinical skills training. We are here for you as an experienced professional already trained with your own uniquely tailored clinical skills. Whether you are a therapist, doctor, MFT, psychologist, nurse, educator, or anyone else who has already been working with clients or patients this program is for you. Taking courses ala carte to add to your current clinical repertoire–or committing to the full program toward the prestige of becoming a Certified Clinical Sexologist– are going to enrich your expertise and make you a compelling sexuality expert in your community back home.
  • You will be thrilled to learn from the best! Sexology University is led by Dr. Patti Britton and Dr. Robert Dunlap, renowned sexologists at the height of academic and professional mastery. As the Co-Founders of SU it is their shared passion to bring this high quality training to the world now. They are dedicated to the mission of SU to serve professionals like you, who are in need of Clinical Sexology training and credentialing.
Want to learn more about SU Co-Founders? Learn more here.

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