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Take Your Practice to the Next Level with Sexology University!

Is this YOU?

  • Feeling like you  don’t know how to even start a conversation with your clients about the sexual parts of their lives?

  • Carving out a “donut hole” approach when talking to your clients, rather than offering full spectrum treatment?

  • Terrified that your clients will mislead or misinterpret your positive intent at discussing their core issues with sexuality?

  • Feeling incompetent at what to suggest for your clients who have lost desire, don’t have orgasms, live in sexless relationships, or suffer from other sexual problems?

  • Longing to be supported in a global network of your peers who can assist you in addressing myriad sexual concerns that your clientele may present?

  • Wanting to learn about the joys and wonders of sexual expression that up until now were not accessible and attainable for you?

You’ve found the right place.
Welcome to Sexology U!

At Sexology University, we’re training people just like you to become compassionate, competent, and successful sexologists— through an in-depth program that leaves you skilled and ready to integrate your new learning, while keeping you updated with emerging trends today. Sexology U is for you if you are a marriage and family therapist (MFT), psychologist, social worker, counselor, medical professional, or public health professional. Even educators, clergy, sexual specialists in many realms with years of experience can gain new techniques and nuanced approaches for serving the sexological needs of their client base.

As a qualified, skilled practitioner, you’re going to want more. Sexology University will give you the skills you need to address clients’ sexual concerns effectively and confidently in treatment. Additionally, you can earn Continuing Education (CE) credits with esteemed professional organizations by training with us.

Becoming a Sexology University trained sexologist doesn’t replace your current expertise or necessarily change the way that you work with clients – it adds to it, allowing you to become even more skilled and sought after as a professional.

Sexology U: 250+ Hour Certificate Program

Our comprehensive program covers 5 Core Modules, 14 Electives, and an Applied Practicum experience. All Sexology University courses are taught by global experts in their field of expertise—from hard science to shamanic techniques, with world class instructors, seasoned practitioners, and best-selling authors who are also clinicians or educators ready to share their best tips with you in these courses. Our Premier Certification Program in Sexology allows you to learn from the best. Enrolling in this program earns you valuable Continuing Education credits (CEs) from esteemed credentialing bodies. Sexology U enables you to gain the comfort, knowledge and skills you need to serve your clients while enriching your own life!

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Sexology U: Individual Courses

Each of our courses, taught by world-class, leading experts in their field, can be taken individually. Are you seeing a particular sexological concern emerge frequently in your clinical work?—Couples who have lost their spark? Low libido? Communication conflicts? Interferences from medical conditions on sexual pleasure? Confusion over sexual orientation? Lack of awareness of how sex really works?

Knowing more –and being able to open that critical conversation– could empower your clientele for healthier, more pleasurable sex, and even save marriages. While taking” individual courses, you will enhance your comfort, knowledge and skillset while building up those necessary CEs that keep you on track!

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